Ford Transit Custom - Heavy Duty Covers - Single & Double Set - 2013 Onwards

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Ford Transit Custom | Heavy Duty Covers

Single Driver & Double Passenger Set.

Designed to fit the Ford Transit Custom, Ford Transit Custom Kombi, and the Ford Tourneo Custom.

Brand: Heavy Duty Covers


  • FITS FORD TRANSIT CUSTOM - Waterproof Seat Covers Fully Tailored to fit the Ford Transit Custom. This seat cover set will fit the front three seats in models 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018. 2019. 2020, 2021, 2022. 
  • DURABLE WITH 2-YEAR WARRANTY – Heavy-duty doesn’t have to mean heavy fabric. Our lightweight, high-performing polyester has the same heavy-duty qualities as thicker covers with the added benefit of superior waterproofing and is easier to fit.
  • FULLY-TAILORED FIT- Our design team has created a pattern that fits the Ford Transit Custom perfectly. It covers all the areas that need protecting and allows for all seat functions including fold-down work stations, under-seat storage, etc.
  • WATERPROOF - We needed Waterproof seat covers for our lifestyle. Fed up with brands claiming to have 'Waterproof' Seat Covers and ending up with soggy seats, our seat covers are Waterproof to a Hydrostatic Head of 7,000mm. In plain English, this means your seats won't get soggy!!!
  • AIRBAG COMPATIBLE - Our seat covers are all designed with specialist stitching down one side of the seat cover. This stitching is the same as found on your car seat where your airbag is located. It is designed so that when your Airbag is activated, the stitching will come undone allowing your Airbag to deploy completely unhindered. The Airbag seam is located on the same side as the Waterproof Seat Cover tag.

    Product Code: WSC5101


    This made-to-measure seat cover is designed to fit the driver and double passenger seat in the Ford Transit Custom van, the Ford Tourneo Custom, and the Ford Transit Custom Kombi.

    Made To Measure

    It comes with eight pieces including - 3 x headrest covers, 1 x Driver Seat Cover, 1 x Double Passenger Backrest Cover, 2 x Base Cushion Covers, and 1 x Armrest Cover.

    This tailored seat cover will fit your vehicle seats perfectly; allowing full access to the: under-seat storage, adjustable headrests, adjustable armrests, and the fold-down tray in the double seat.


    The cover is held in place with bolt ropes that are sewn into the cover. These are pushed into the gaps of your seat to lock it in place. Velcro straps ensure the cover will not move once fitted and a Velcro opening allows access to the integrated seat belt on the double seat. High-Quality Zips allow easy access to the fold-down tray. We also have a specially designed Seat Anchor that you push through the gap between the seat base and seatback to hold the driver seat cover firmly in place.
    Our covers are designed with protection in their DNA. We try to avoid seams on critical parts of the cover to ensure zero water leakage and friction damage. The seams are overlocked for extra strength and to prevent water from leaking through.
    Designed in the UK using precise digital techniques.


    The material we use is ultra-durable, recycled polyester.

    Heavy Duty Seat Cover

    It is this high-performing polyester that gives our seat covers their strength and is what makes them heavy-duty.

    The polyester is coated with a polyurethane backing, which is what makes them waterproof (to a hydrostatic head standard of over 7,000 mm).

    Our polyester is also fire retardant to meet European automotive standards.

    Our seat covers have an excellent colour fastness standard and can be used alongside heated seats.

    Resistant to mud, oil, and everyday wear and tear.

    Airbag Compatible

    We have invested heavily to ensure this seat cover is safe for you and your family. Modern vehicles are fitted with side-impact airbags. These airbags are designed to inflate from the side of your seat upon a side impact collision (an Airbag or SRS label may be stitched into your seat as a warning). Many seat covers on the market do not implement airbag-compatible technology. During a collision this can result in the airbag not deploying correctly or even being deflected behind the occupant, causing a ballooning effect. Injury or death can be a result of this.

    Our covers have been tested to automotive standards and can be used safely with your vehicle.


    This seat cover will fit the driver and front double passenger seats in the following vehicles:

    Ford Transit Custom
    Ford Transit Custom Base
    Ford Transit Custom Trend
    Ford Transit Custom Limited
    Ford Transit Custom Sport
    Ford Transit Custom Kombi
    Ford Tourneo Custom
    Ford Tourneo Custom Zetec
    Ford Tourneo Custom Titanium
    Ford Tourneo Custom Titanium X
    Ford Tourneo Custom Sport

    Key Features

    Easy to fit
    Oil Resistant
    Mud Resistant
    Heavy Duty
    Tailored to fit - allows all seat functions
    Stylish Design
    Airbag compatible
    Overlock Stitching
    UV Resistant
    Fire Retardant
    Ultra-strong seams
    Colour Fastness
    Designed in the UK
    2-year guarantee

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