Seat Cover Material & Warranty

Town & Country Covers material.

Choice of fabric is important. Town & Country covers are made from 600 denier Polyester with a waterproof Polyurethane coating (generally referred to as 600D/PU). Despite previously using nylon with a PVC backing, in 2006 Town & Country changed to the present 600D/PU combination when we expanded their business to Australia: they found the nylon/PVC combination to be extremely uncomfortable in hot environments as well as feeling very cold on chilly mornings. Furthermore, PVC is environmentally damaging on multiple levels and most responsible retailers have phased it out.

Town & Country work with the same fabric sources and manufacturing partners as top sports companies. The 600D/PU that is used is tough and durable, in addition to being waterproof to a hydrostatic head of 600mm. It also has excellent UV resistance to resist fading. The 600D polyester has an extremely heavy duty matrix, which gives high resistance to tearing and scuffing, one of the many reasons that this material is widely used in backpacks, soft luggage and sports goods.

We currently supply our seat covers to the motor, transport, construction and agriculture markets with a returns rate of less than 0.09% - quality is everything to us so we offer a 1 year warranty on all workmanship. If you do find a problem with your seat cover please contact us and we will replace any fault with workmanship.