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Fiat Ducato Minibus Seat Covers

FlexiLite™ Minibus Range

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Manufactured by Town & Country Covers.
These covers are made from 600 denier Polyester with a waterproof Polyurethane coating (generally referred to as 600D/PU).
Town and Country Covers Water Proof Seat Covers
The 600D/ PU that is used is tough and durable, in addition to being waterproof to a hydrostatic head of 600mm. It also has excellent UV resistance to resist fading. The 600D polyester has an extremely heavy duty matrix, which gives high resistance to tearing and scuffing, one of the many reasons that this material is widely used in backpacks, soft luggage and sports goods.


They are tough, waterproof, stain resistant, wipe clean and a heavy duty material.

These seat covers are designed to give years of service.

If you have any questions please call our helpline on 07595835080.


Rear Minibus Seat Covers:

These seat covers are designed to be easily fitted to the Cogent Solo M2 and M3 rear seats with padded headrest, found in the lightweight minibus FIAT DUCATO model.

Colour: BLACK


To decide what covers you need:

When sitting in the seats facing forward,

Seats with seatbelt on your right shoulder use TA4041.

Seats with seatbelt on your left shoulder use TA4058.

- Tailored to fit
- Water resistant
- Held neatly in place with Velcro



Product Code - CP11BLK


  • Easy to fit
  • Velcro slots provide access to armrest and seat adjuster controls
  • Protects back of seat
  • Designed to fit both right and left hand drive vehicles
  • Will fit single passenger seat too
  • Base is held in place by our specially designed 'tuck-in' system

In the box: One single piece seat cover.




This cover is designed to fit the right hand drive double passenger seat in the Peugeot Boxer.


  • Velcro slots allow easy fitting
  • Protects back of seat
  • Allows access to integrated seatbelt
  • Zipped opening flap allows access to the middle fold down tray

In the box: One full double passenger seat cover.



Generally this vehicle is fitted as a 17 seat set in the quantities listed below.

When bought as a set we have included a 5% discount from the standard price.

CP11BLK x 1 (Driver)

CP12BLK x 1 (Double Passenger)

TA4041 x 10 (Rear Roadside)

TA4058 x 4 (Rear curb side)

However as this is an aftermarket seat they can be fitted with any configuration. If your configuration differs from the above list, please contact us as this can easily be amended. 07595835080