Mercedes Vito Rear MERV03

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This is our range of seat covers for the Mercedes Vito Minibus.

We offer covers for the 8 and 9 seat version.

Drivers Seat/Single Passenger Seat.


Double Seat.


Tailored Rear Seat

Mercedes Vito Folding Treble Rear

This tailored cover is designed for the second row of treble folding seats in the Mercedes Vito. It may also fit the very rear seat if it is the same. This cover will fit the folding comfort crew seats only and will not fit the non-folding crew seats which can also be found in this vehicle. For the driver and single passenger seat use our Universal Front Seat Cover (3DF) and for the front double passenger use the Van Double (V).


  • Allows seats to fold independently
  • Allows the seats to be removed
  • Separate adjustable headrest covers
  • Separate armrest covers
  • Adjustable Velcro flap allows this cover to fit all models

In the box: This set comprises ten pieces including three single backs, one double base, one single base, two armrests and 3 headrests.


Part Number: MERV03

Crew Cab Rear (Non folding, one piece bench seat)