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These covers are a custom fit for the Vauxhall Movano.

We have two different models for this vehicle. The main difference is the double seat. The different options are listed below.


  • Front Seats

RMFS - Driver and Double Passenger Seat with Folding Backrest and Single Base Cushion
RMFSBLK Vauxhall Movano Driver and Double Seat Covers 
RMFS2 - Driver and Double Passenger Seat with Folding Backrest and Two Base Cushions

RMFS2 Vauxhall Movano Single and double

3DSF+VS - Driver and Double Passenger Seat with Fixed Backrest
3DSF + VS Vauxhall Movano seat covers
3DSF + 3DSF - Two Single Front Seats

3DF x 2 Vauxhall Movano Seat Covers



  • 2nd Row

VCR – Three or Four Rear Bench Seat 

VCR - Vauxhall Movano Seat COver

    TRUS – Individual Rear Seats with Built-in Seatbelt on Each Seat

    TRUS - Vauxhall Movano Rear Seat Covers




    • 17 Seat Minibus

    RM17 – Seventeen Seat Minibus Set

    To fit seats like below image.

    RM17 - Vauxhall Movano Minibus Seat Covers

    Manufactured by Town & Country Covers.
    Heavy-Duty, Water Resistant, Stain Resistant, Wipe Clean.

    Protect your seats from mud, sweets, spills, pets, kids, wear and tear, fading, accidents, stains, grease, dirty shoes and boots, and more.

    Easily fitted.

    High Tenacity Polyester with a water-resistant Polyurethane lining.



    • Tailored to fit the Vauxhall Movano.
    • Separate head rest cover on single.
    • Integral head rest and separate head rest cover on double.
    • Water resistant.
    • Elasticated apron around base.
    • Covers back of seat.
    • Velcro slots on both sides for arm rest access.
    • Reinforced access holes for seat adjuster.


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